Introduction of SDG Readiness Level©“™”

SDG Readiness Level©“™” (SRL) is a methodology ideated by ReLOG3P for the purpose of objectively understanding, measuring and communicating what level of Sustainable Development Goals maturity you have attained as a  Customer (individual user or Company) during your Sustainability Journey using ReACT platform.  This SRL was developed for ReACT Customers and specifically focused on the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry. 

SRL highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each individual user and the Company in relation to the SDG goals, regardless of your background. The performance info is graphically presented by using readiness levels, colors and arrow trends. 

This SRL shows how “ready” are you when it comes to Sustainability. It features an easy-to-understand visual format to track your progress along the Customer Journey using the ReACT platform. Your avatar will be the indicator showing your contribution to the Journey, identifying areas of improvement, and areas where you should continue to maintain and excel. The more complete is the avatar, the more you are contributing to Sustainable Logistics and, ultimately, to the overall achievement of the United Nations SDG. 

Your progress will be seamlessly updated for you to track, and we will also publish periodic Sustainability reports for you, as well as a yearly and consolidated report for the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry. These reports have multiple objectives: expanding awareness of Sustainability, encouraging a healthy competitive attitude among Customers, and increasing healthy competition among industries. 

Lastly: create a proactive, ethical mindset that translates words and intentions into Sustainable “3P” results for: People, the Planet, and Prosperity.   

We are dedicated to continuously improve our services, features and tools. 

We welcome any feedback you may want to share with us on SRL, it can be used to refine this tool to better meet your needs and targets. We’re working to build Sustainable Logistics with you, and achieve the SDG together, hand in hand.