Introduction to UN SDG Index Monitoring method and its correlation with our ReLOG3P's SDG Index Monitoring method

As mentioned, each ReACT service will support you in improving certain, specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among those set by the United Nations in 2015. Overall, with the full set of ReACT services, you will be able to progress and provide your contribution towards the achieving 12 out of 17 SDG. 

ReACT is focused on progress and actionable results – no bla-bla! All of our 5 services are directly correlated to specific SDGs and the main, final objective is to embed Sustainability in your Logistics.  For each individual SDG, we have selected the official corresponding method and matrixes as defined by the United Nations as the baseline to set up ReLOG3P’s SDG Index Monitoring method. Our SDG includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics related also to the Logistics business specific. 

Our platform technology ensures that each step that you take along your Customer Journey to Sustainability (which includes creating an account, completing your profile, using ReACT services and so on) is all correlated to specific KPIs. We keep you on-track and on-target! 

In addition to your real-time progress updates. we will also publish periodical Sustainability reports for your benefit, as well as a yearly and consolidated report for the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry. The objective of these reports is multiple: increasing awareness, increasing healthy competition attitude among Customers, increase healthy competition among industries. Lastly: develop a proactive mindset on Sustainability that translates words and intentions into real actions! 

KPIs are just one of the methods used to measure our contribution towards Sustainability. If you would like to know more about how we will contribute to sustainability, create an account with us and you will be kept up to date with our latest news!