ReACT: The Only One-Stop-Shop Platform for Sustainable Global Logistics 

Simple, Universally Accessible, Sustainable 

Welcome to ReACT – the first and only platform that provides 360-degree support for End-to-End Sustainable Global Logistics! Transform your existing Logistics and Supply Chain process into a B2B/B2C experience that seamlessly integrates Sustainable Global Logistics.! 

Not sure how to easily and cost-effectively align your Logistics with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?  

ReACT’s strategic 3P (People – Planet – Prosperity) focus enables you to integrate Sustainability as a viable and concrete balance between social, environmental and economic interests.  

Are your efforts to integrate Sustainability being sabotaged by complex bureaucracy and fragmentation and inefficient trial and error solutions? Frustrated by wasted time and money? 

ReACT platform was designed and developed by Logistics industry veterans with 25+ years of experience. We know and understand your pain points! Information is accurate, clear and easy to understand. The answers you need are just a click away and you’ll benefit from community resources (networking, employment resources, and more). 

ReACT is THE one-stop-shop place for supporting on every step of your Customer’s journey to Sustainability: 

  • Get best use of 5 different services specifically catered to respond to the new challenges of Global Logistics 
  • Successfully integrate a holistic approach to Sustainability that integrates People, the Planet and Prosperity 
  • Boost your company’s reputation with customers, partners, investors by practicing 360-degree Ethical Sustainability (no greenwashing) 
  • ReACT is designed based on Ethical Technology and on the principles of "Security & Privacy by Design
  • ReACT is accessible to and usable by ALL Logistics Stakeholders, catered specifically around SME needs

ReACT logoIf we think of unsustainable Logistics as a version of Dante’s ‘hell’, then let ReACT be your ‘Virgil” helpful guide! 

With its 5 services, ReACT is here to take you by the hand and safely guide you, all the way from the current Logistics ‘Hell’ to a ‘Paradise’ of Sustainable Logistics. You’ll progress to a seamless, end-to-end, continuous improvement experience, which we call Customer Journey towards Sustainable Logistics (your Paradise)!  

The ReACT platform is like no other solution available today – we’ve built it to help you tackle the toughest logistical challenges! Here’s an overview of your journey toward Sustainable success: 

  1. wiki-logi logoYour journey with us begins with ReACT Wiki-Logi, an easily accessible information resource that provides a solid introduction to Sustainability and Innovation in relation to Logistics. Boost your existing awareness with the latest information and industry intelligence.  

  2. academy logoThe journey continues with ReACT Academy, where you will transform awareness and information into additional knowledge, reskilling, upskilling and lifelong, certified learning opportunities for you and your Company. Discover new talent by accessing the dedicated employment marketplace, a meeting point for professionals and Companies and a focus on new Logistics skills

  3. processes logoReACT Processes is an exciting milestone on the journey and time to put your new learning into practice. It’s a point of departure that’s been optimized to support everyone – no matter if you work in the Air, Shipping, Rail and Road freight transport or Maritime and Intermodal Ports & Hubs, Airports, Logistic Hubs. You’re on your way now, ready to apply your newly acquired skills to finally start streamlining and improving your Logistics processes, their efficiency, effectiveness, safety, agility and reliability, while reducing variability and waste. You are making great progress on your journey towards the Sustainable Logistics Paradise! This is the point where you’ll begin to walk through the Purgatory and see the first results of your hard work –your Sustainable future looks bright! 

  4. multimodality logoKeep walking through the Purgatory, keep on with your Sustainability Journey with ReACT Multimodality. The next natural, fundamental step is for you to contribute freight movements to be more efficient through the optimum combination, integration and interfacing of the different transport modes as well as consolidating loads, sharing of assets, and better management of logistics hubs. Performances, predictability and flexibility, Sustainability, keep increasing. 

  5. certify logoCustomer Journey towards Sustainable Logistics is getting to its end: ReACT Certify is, lastly and most importantly, here to give a competitive edge to you and to your Company by officially certifying your progress on the Sustainability Journey. 

As mentioned, our final target is to build a new, Sustainable Logistics

SDG's logos

Each ReACT service will support you in improving certain, specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among those set by the United Nations in 2015. Overall, with the full set of ReACT services you will be able to provide your contribution in the achievement of 12 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Going through your Customer Journey, you will be constantly given the information related to your progress towards the contribution to each of the SDGs and towards your overall SDG Readiness Level©“™” by means of the avatar profile we have created for you for the purpose. The SDG Readiness Level©“™” is built by ReLOG3P on the basis of the UN SDG Index Monitoring method: the more you progress in your Journey, the more you contribute to Sustainability, the more complete will be your profile and higher your SDG Readiness Level©“™”! 

Learn more about our SDG Readiness Level©“™” and the UN SDG Index Monitoring method

Challenge yourself, compare your progress against other professionals and other Companies of the industries, show to the World that you are materially doing and not only greenwashing! With ReACT, you can!