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By 2027, 70% of the global Logistics workforce faces the risk of obsolescence. Today, 25% of Companies cannot find the right people. How effectively are you addressing this today to be well positioned for the future?  

  1. Future-proof your career with Education and transform yourself into a Professional fit for the new, Sustainable Logistics and even find a new professional opportunity waiting for you!  

  1. Prepare, Strengthen, Upgrade the knowledge and skills of your Company’s workforce to align with the new challenges of Sustainable Logistics and find new talents to join your team! 

You are just a few clicks away! 

Welcome to ReACT Academy! You are ready to start your 2nd step of your Customer Journey to Sustainability! Now it’s time to put the knowledge gained from ReACT Wiki-Logi into action. 

ReACT Academy provides an end-to-end service for people looking to learn new skills and companies looking for the right skilled talents. By means of dedicated partnerships with Public and Private Academies, Universities, Research and Excellence Centres and Logistics companies, we offer online learning solutions at a variety of levels. The aim is to enable / empower the Logistics’ workforce to fight its obsolescence and gain access to the latest innovations (technological, cultural and managerial).  ReACT Academy is dedicated to increasing knowledge, professional competence, and adding value for people.  

You will also have special access our dedicated employment marketplace that allows professionals and Companies to meet each other around the new Logistics skills!  

Key Advantages

  1. No idea what skills you need? No worries: just complete our pre-assessment form, we’ll identify your learning path! 

  1. Search less, Learn more! Our AI-powered platform will recommend and provide you with the right online course(s) 

  1. Connect Professionals with and Companies looking for new Logistics skills 

  1. Contribute to SDG! ReACT Academy is an active, ever growing knowledge base and integrates your contributions towards achieving SDG. 

Lastly, by using ReACT Academy, you will help your Customer Journey to Sustainability as well as the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

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