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Welcome to ReACT Certify! This is the last step on your Customer Journey to Sustainability. 

At this point, you’ve significantly advanced your knowledge of Sustainable Logistics and learned how to put it into practice. It’s time to celebrate your progress and get Certified!  

ReACT Certify provide recognition to our Global Logistics and Supply Chain Stakeholders, certifying their progress and contribution towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Key Advantages

  1. Allows Logistics businesses and Stakeholders to gain competitive advantage, showing commitment to understanding and excelling 

  1. Certify your boosted efficiency gained via the ReACT tools 

  1. Establish professional credibility related to your commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued improvement 

By using ReACT Certify, you will document the success of your Customer Journey toward Sustainability in the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry, contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

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UN SDG 8 imageUN SDG 9 imageUN SDG 10 imageUN SDG 11 image
UN SDG 12 imageUN SDG 13 imageUN SDG 14 imageUN SDG 17 image

ReACT Certify is under development and we will let you know once it’s launched! (Remember to sign up for an account with us to be updated with our latest news)