Terms & Conditions Agreement For Using the ReACT Platform Services

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4 Object

4.1 ReACT is a proprietary product of ReLOG3P SRL, a Company incorporated in Italy with company number GE-508384, VAT number 02746970991, whose registered address is Sal. Nuova di N.S. del Monte, 6a/29dx, 16143 Genova (GE), Italy, and consists of a subscription type set of Services designed to provide to our Users and Customers to build a 360-degree, seamless B2B/B2C experience that’s optimized for a real end-to-end, Sustainable, Global Logistics (hereinafter “ReACT”).

4.2 Through ReACT the Users and Customers can access various Services, digital content and tools (hereinafter “Service” or “Services”).

4.3 ReACT is reachable and available from the ReLOG3P’s website (https://relog3p.com, hereinafter referred to as the "Site" only) through all major browsers, on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

4.4 The use of ReACT is allowed only to subjects (hereinafter “User” or “Customer” or “Users” or “Customers”) who:

4.4.1 Have accepted these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter “Terms & Conditions”;

4.4.2 Have read and accepted the information relating to the processing of personal data;

4.4.3 Are registered on the Site by creating a "Registered User" (Private or Business) account as provided for in point User registration and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of this Terms & Conditions;

4.4.4 Are of age.

5 General information

5.1 These Terms & Conditions govern the functioning of ReACT, and constitute the legal framework governing the use of the Services. Any diverging or additional provision established at the conclusion of the Terms & Conditions will be applied only if agreed between the parties and drawn up in writing.

5.2 The applicable Terms & Conditions are those in force on the date of the acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions can be modified at any time by ReLOG3P SRL; any changes and / or new conditions will be in force and will be deemed known and / or knowable by the User from the time of their publication on the Site. It is understood that in the event of a unilateral amendment of these Terms & Conditions the User shall be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to the following Article 8 within 15 days of knowledge of the amendment.

5.3 These Terms & Conditions do not regulate the sale of products and / or the provision of services by parties other than ReLOG3P SRL that may be present on / distributed by the Site through links, banners or other hypertext links. Before carrying out commercial transactions with these subjects, the User must verify their conditions of sale. ReLOG3P SRL is not responsible in any way for the provision of services and / or for the sale of products by such subjects. On the websites that may be consulted through these links, ReLOG3P SRL does not carry out any checks and / or monitoring. ReLOG3P SRL is therefore not responsible for the contents of these sites or for any errors and / or omissions and / or violations of the law by them.

6 User registration and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions

6.1 In order to register for the use of ReACT’s Services, the User must complete the registration procedure on the Site by providing the information and personal data requested and indicate, among others, an e-mail address to log in and a "password", as requested in the specific section of the Site.

6.2 The User is obliged to provide complete and truthful information in the sections in the registration form.

6.3 The User consents to the publication in the "Personal Profile" section of his username, the information contained in the profile, the path taken and the scores obtained, as well as information provided voluntarily, such as the profile picture or other kind of data to be he entered.

6.4 ReLOG3P SRL will send an e-mail confirming registration to the e-mail address provided by the Registered User during the registration procedure.

6.5 The Registered User is required to carefully read this Terms & Conditions which may be viewed at any time during the registration process and sending the purchase order by accessing the pop-up or hypertext link on the site; the same will be assumed to be known and accepted by clicking in the appropriate box marked with the words "I accept the terms and conditions of use and I declare to be of age".

6.6 The acceptance by the User of this Terms & Conditions is, in any case, a necessary and essential condition for the use of the ReACT Platform.

7 Conclusion of the Terms & Conditions and termination

7.1 The User, registered as in the previous point, can choose between four types of subscriptions plans (hereinafter “Plan” or “Plans”), Free, Basic, Premium and Corporate, the latter being only for Business type of registered Users.

7.2 The differences between the types of subscriptions foreseen by these Terms & Conditions are specifically indicated in the tab “Plans & Pricing” on the Site, within which the User finds all the necessary information regarding the prices (to be understood excluding of VAT) and the contents analytic of the different type of Plans.

7.3 With respect to the duration, the User can choose between the following types of Plans subscriptions:

7.3.1 With monthly renewal (only for Free, Basic and Premium Plans): By opting for this solution, the User subscribes to a ReACT subscription with renewal from month to month, with advance payment.

7.3.2 With annual renewal (for all the type of subscription Plans): By opting for this solution, the User subscribes to a ReACT subscription with renewal from year to year, with advance payment, benefiting from a discount on the price indicated for the monthly subscription.

7.4 In the event that the Users makes the payment via PayPal, the renewal will take place automatically at the expiry of the period. Cancellation will always be possible through their PayPal account, in the manner specified therein, no later than the expiry of the previous period. In the event of non-cancellation, it is understood that the User has given his consent to continue the subscription and the service will continue for the following month, with a charge for the related costs.

7.5 In case of payment with the other accepted methods, indicated on the Site, the service will automatically cease at the expiry of the agreed period, as long as ReLOG3P SRL does not receive payment for the next period; in this case, the updating of the expiration of the Terms & Conditions on the Site will follow.

7.6 In the event that the payment method is not valid, the service will be immediately suspended, until it is again possible to credit to ReLOG3P SRL once again.

7.7 The type of charge, the prices and the period are defined in each offer and a summary is provided before the ordering process is completed. By pressing the "Subscribe" button, the User is redirected to the PayPal.com site for payment. The Terms & Conditions is binding for the User when the "Pay Now" button is pressed on the PayPal.com website, thus confirming the willingness to subscribe to the subscription of Services. From this moment it becomes payable by ReLOG3P SRL the payment of the price, as indicated in the description of the Services.

7.8 Once the purchase order has been sent, ReLOG3P SRL, in accordance with art. 51 co. 7 A and 49 of the Consumer Code, will send the Customer to the e-mail address indicated, a confirmation e-mail containing the description of the Service purchased, the duration of the subscription, the price paid, the means of payment used, the of withdrawal (provided for the Consumer User only, for which reference is made to the next point of these Terms & Conditions ).

7.9 The agreement consists of these Terms & Conditions and the email referred to in the previous point; therefore, the User is recommended to keep both documents on a durable medium.

7.10 The User will be enabled to access the courses on the Site as soon as ReLOG3P SRL will have received confirmation of payment of the total amount due.

7.11 ReLOG3P SRL reserves the right to refuse orders from Users and Customers who do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or with whom disputes are pending.

8 Withdrawal

8.1 The right of withdrawal concerns only the User and is governed by Articles 52 and ss. of the Italian Consumer Code. There is no right of withdrawal for the Customer who is not at the same time definable as a Consumer.

8.2 In the case of a monthly subscription, the Consumer User is placed in the immediate availability of the digital contents that form ReACT; it follows that, in accordance with art. 59 lett. A and O Consumer Code, the Consumer User does not have the right of withdrawal. With the purchase of the subscription Service, it is understood that the execution of the Terms & Conditions began with the express agreement of the User and with his acceptance of the fact that, in this way, the right of withdrawal is lost and, with it, the right to repeat the price paid at the time of the conclusion of the Terms & Conditions.

8.3 In the case of an annual subscription, the Consumer User has the right to withdraw from the Terms & Conditions within 14 days of signing it, without any penalty and without specifying the reason. In this case, in consideration of the fact that the User has already had access to the IT content of the Site, ReLOG3P SRL in any case, will retain the price corresponding to the first month of the service; the latter will be calculated at full price, as for the monthly Terms & Conditions, without the discount which, however, is the prerogative of the annual report.

8.4 The right of withdrawal must be exercised by sending to the e-mail address relog3p@legalmail.it or info@relog3p.com or by post to the headquarters of ReLOG3P SRL, whose registered address is Sal. Nuova di N.S. del Monte, 6a/29dx, 16143 Genova (GE), Italy, a declaration with the content compliant with attachment b of Legislative Decree 21/2014, containing the personal details of the Consumer User, the indication of the Terms & Conditions number and the date on which this was carried out.

8.5 In the event of withdrawal by the Consumer User, the relative refund will be made by crediting the price to the PayPal current account in the name of the User, within 14 days of receipt by ReLOG3P SRL of the communication containing the declaration of withdrawal.

9 Payment and billing

9.1 The User can make the payment through one of the methods indicated on the Site.

9.2 The electronic invoice will be issued within the terms established by the regulations in force only for buyers with VAT (Business type subscriptions).

9.3 For purchases made by private consumers (without VAT) no invoice will be issued unless this is specifically requested at the time of purchase (Art. 22 paragraph 1 n. 1 - Presidential Decree 633/72: "The issue of the invoice is not mandatory, if it is not requested by the customer no later than the time of carrying out the operation”).

10 Obligations and responsibilities of ReLOG3P SRL

10.1 ReLOG3P SRL undertakes to ensure the proper functioning of the portal at all times, however, it does not guarantee uninterrupted access.

10.2 For the provision of the Services that make up ReACT, ReLOG3P SRL uses the technology currently and habitually used in the sector. To be able to take full advantage of the Services offered, the User must similarly use these technologies (e.g. updated browser, Adobe Flash) or allow their use on his computer (e.g. activate Java Script, authorize cookies and popup windows). If technologies that are not current or not in common use are used, the User may be able to use ReACT only to a limited extent.

10.3 Claims for damages by the User are excluded, in the event of failure or limited operation of the Services for the reasons referred to in the preceding point.

10.4 In any case, ReLOG3P SRL will not be liable in the event of loss of earnings, loss of revenues, profits, data or for any other indirect and consequential damage of any nature deriving from or otherwise connected to contracts subject to the Terms & Conditions.

10.5 The responsibility of ReLOG3P SRL in any case cannot be higher than the total value of the purchase order.

10.6 In no case ReLOG3P SRL may be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of any of the obligations deriving from the contracts subject to the Terms & Conditions in the event that the non-fulfillment is caused by unforeseeable circumstances and / or force majeure, including, but not limited to, fires, floods, earthquakes, national emergencies, strikes, natural disasters, terrorist acts, network malfunctions and / or blackouts, measures from public authorities or because of any other unforeseen and not reasonably resolvable circumstance which goes beyond the control of ReLOG3P SRL.

10.7 In the event of a problem, the User can contact ReLOG3P SRL by e-mail at the address info@relog3p.com.

10.8 Any complaints must also be forwarded to the aforementioned e-mail address.

11 Strictly Prohibited behavior by Users

11.1 The following items are strictly prohibited on the ReLOG3P SRL Site:

11.1.1 Content that defames, harasses or threatens others;

11.1.2 Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them;

11.1.3 Content that infringes another's intellectual property, including, but not limited to, copyrights or trademarks;

11.1.4 Content that infringes the privacy rights of others under the national, international or other applicable laws (which may include the laws where you live or where you view or edit content);

11.1.5 Soliciting personally identifiable information for purposes of harassment, exploitation, violation of privacy, or any promotional or commercial purpose not explicitly approved by the ReLOG3P SRL;

11.1.6 Soliciting personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18 for an illegal purpose or violating any applicable law regarding the health or well-being of minors;

11.1.7 Profane, pornographic, obscene, indecent or unlawful content;

11.1.8 Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation;

11.1.9 Content related to partisan political activities;

11.1.10 Viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, corrupted files, malware, spyware, or any other similar software that may damage the operation of another's computer or property; and

11.1.11 Content that contains intentionally inaccurate information or that is posted with the intent of misleading others (this list, collectively, “Strictly Prohibited Items”).

11.2 Users may not submit, post, publish, share, or otherwise distribute any of the above Strictly Prohibited Items on or via the Site.

11.3 Users agree that they are responsible for their own use of the Site and for their User Postings. "User Postings" means all content submitted, posted, published, or distributed on the Site by User or other users of the Site, including but not limited to all forum posts, wiki edits, notes, questions, comments, videos, and file uploads.

11.4 Users agree that they will use the Site in compliance with these Terms & Conditions and all applicable local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations, including copyright laws, any laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from your country of residence.

11.5 As a condition of the use of the Site, Users will not use the Site in any manner intended to damage, disable, overburden, or impair any ReLOG3P SRL server or the network(s) connected to any ReLOG3P SRL server or to interfere with any other party's use and enjoyment of the Site. Users may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to any ReLOG3P SRL server through hacking, password mining, or any other means. Users may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information stored on the Site, its servers, or associated computers through any means not intentionally made available through the Site. If Users are a registered User, they will not share password or let anyone else access or compromise their own account.

11.6 Furthermore, Users agree not to scrape, or otherwise download in bulk, any Site content, including but not limited to a list or directory of users on the system, User Postings or User information, online textbooks, course materials, or trademarks and logos. Users agree not to misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent their identity while using the Site (although they are welcome and encouraged to use an anonymous username in the forums and to act in a manner that keeps their identity concealed).

12 Site content and intellectual property rights

12.1 The User undertake to strictly observe.

12.2 The intellectual and / or industrial property rights on the contents of the Site, such as, by way of example, the works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, tools, fonts and design of the Site itself, diagrams, layout, methods, processes, functions and software are the exclusive property of ReLOG3P SRL and protected by the regulations in force on the subject of Intellectual Property including, but not limited to: the Intellectual Property Code (CPI, DL 30/2005), the EU Directive 2019/790 (EUIPO: European Union Intellectual Property Office), the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The reproduction, modification, duplication, copying, distribution, sale or otherwise exploitation of the images, contents of the Site is strictly prohibited unless previously authorized in writing by ReLOG3P SRL.

12.3 Any use of the contents of the Site for commercial and / or advertising purposes is also prohibited.

13 Protection of personal data

13.1 The User and ReLOG3P SRL acknowledge that during the execution of the Terms & Conditions they will mutually respect the provisions of European Regulation no. 2016/679.

14 Applicable law and competent court

14.1 Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the Terms & Conditions entered into online by the User with ReLOG3P SRL is subject to Italian law and jurisdiction.

14.2 For any controversy deriving from the interpretation and/or execution of the Terms & Conditions, the Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction, without prejudice to the provisions on the subject contained in the Consumer Code for Consumer Customers only.