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Welcome to ReACT Multimodality! This is the 4th step on your Customer Journey to Sustainability. 

This ReACT service will help you to expand your logistics strategy to include other viable modes of transportation AND to add Sustainability.  

To date, most freight transport is still carried out by only two main transport modes: shipping and road. On a EU scale, the inland multimodal breakdown is as follows: 

  • 6% for waterway freight 

  • 77% for road traffic 

  • 17% of rail transport 

These transportation modes are the workhorses of the industry, but they still lack quality and quantity infrastructure, operational, technological and fares integration.  

Estimations indicate that the average load ratio in within the different modes of transport of the current Logistics and Supply Chain models hardly goes beyond 50%. Let’s work together on improving that! 

ReACT Multimodality contains innovation features that demonstrate how freight movements can be more efficient through the optimum use of every available transport mode.  

Key Advantages: 

  1. Helps increase performance, predictability and flexibility of combined transport and solutions 

  1. Shows options for increasing loads consolidation, sharing of assets, and better management of logistics hubs 

  1. Provides price, quality, service and flexibility comparison among the different type of freight transport modes 

By using ReACT Multimodality, you will help your Customer Journey to Sustainability as well as the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

UN SDG 7 imageUN SDG 8 imageUN SDG 9 image
UN SDG 11 imageUN SDG 12 imageUN SDG 13 image


Watch out for this service! We will inform you when it’s live on the platform! (Remember to sign up for an account with us to be updated with our latest news)