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Welcome to ReACT Processes – the 3rd step in your Customer Journey to Sustainability! 

In a perfect world, Processes should provide a logical and efficient path to productivity and successful results. But in reality, often it is just the opposite! Raise your hand if you’ve been frustrated by these huge constraints impacting today’s Global Logistics and Supply Chain industries... 

Disorganized and fragmented and silo-based processes, “big acceleration” on innovations and volumes paired to inadequate phygital infrastructures, low quality and quantity of data and KPIs, pandemic, wars and geopolitical frictions, difficult demand and ETA and ETD forecasting, ports congestion, consumer’s attitudes shifting toward e-commerce, increasing freight prices, raw materials scarcity, energy prices skyrocketing, and the list goes on… 

ReACT Processes is a Simple and Sustainable service that enables you to analyze and improve different Logistics sub-processes (transport modes, actors, etc.) for Air, Sea, Rail and Road, Maritime and Intermodal Ports & Hubs, Airports, Logistic Hubs, etc.  

It is packed with problem-solving tools to help you identify and solve Logistics ‘hot-spots’ that are wasting time, energy and resources. Open up silos and streamline complexities, get a grip on pricing changes and sourcing variables…and more!  

Key Advantages

  1. Contributes to improving efficiency and effectiveness of processes while reducing variability and waste 

  1. Helps increasing personnel safety and wellbeing 

  1. Increase processes and businesses agility, resilience, flexibility and reliability 

  1. Allow overall processes cost reduction, while improving overall Sustainability 

Most importantly, by using ReACT Processes, you build a solid foundation for integrating Sustainability into your Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

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Watch out for this service! We will inform you once it’s launch! (Remember to sign up for an account with us to be updated with our latest news)