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The motivation for creating ReACT Wiki-Logi was frustration – to-date, there is no one-stop-shop source for accurate and accessible information that correlates Sustainability to Logistics.  You could easily spend hours on the internet, searching for answers in a ‘hell’ of bureaucratic resource materials! Welcome to ReACT Wiki-Logi – a ‘people-friendly’ place to search for and find what you need. Built and designed by Logistics veterans who understand your needs. You’ll also join a unique, helpful and collaborative community of like-minded Logistics professionals.

Sustainable Global Logistics knowledge database for all 

Welcome to ReACT Wiki-Logi! Congratulations, you are taking the first step in your Customer Journey to Sustainability with us. Knowledge is wealth and knowledge is part of Sustainability. However, busy professionals like us don’t have hours to spend searching for reliable information, solutions, services, standards about Sustainable, Global Logistics.  

Key Advantages: 

  1. In just few clicks: find and share ideas, information, knowledge, policies and news, events and best practices, network with peers 

  1. No spam or fake news! ReACT Wiki-Logi uses artificial intelligence tools to identify and show the results based exclusively on reliable, trustworthy and renowned sources 

  1. You personalize, we deliver! Choose what you want to receive in your inbox 

  1. Contribute to SDG! ReACT Wiki-Logi analyze activities and translate into your contribution towards the achievement of the SDG 

Lastly, by using ReACT Wiki-Logi, you will help your Customer Journey to Sustainability as well as the Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals: 

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